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Feb 4, 2012 2:30am PST
simple food, very low-priced and done by a gourmet chef. john georges. he came out with a book, you know, of course i have no interest in selling the book, i want to sell the hotel. so i thought it would be a perfect opportunity to have a party for that book to introduce john georges to people of chicago and for him to explain his idea directly. ♪ i need hot stuff >> nothing matters but the product. if the product is good, everything else kind of falls into place. you know, you come out with great product, really distinct, really unique, distinguishable from everything else out there in the marketplace, and the buzz and the success of it is a natural consequence of that. so it's not about marketing, execution, distribution. in my business, reservations, services. no. it's about distinctive product. ♪ >> you do a restaurant in london, they don't like music during the meal. nothing right or wrong about having music, just different customs and different cultures and you've got to be respectful of that. you have to be sensitive to that. it's like when in rome. you know, i think that some
Feb 21, 2012 6:00am PST
was admitted into the john george psychiatric pavilion in san leandro over the weekend after he tried to kill himself with a large kitchen knife. he had stabbed himself and slashed his throat in front of cops. now, they caught him trying to break into his ex-girlfriend's place over the weekend. after his psychiatric evaluation he was supposed to be released back to police custody but somehow there was a breakdown in communication and the psychiatric clinic released him at his own accord and that's when he took that cab to union city. so we don't know if he lived in union city but if anyone in union city recognize that is guy, especially with bandages around his neck, contact the police. back to you. >> thank you. >>> berkeley police are defending their response to a call in the berkeley hills on saturday night. they say they rushed to the scene when a second call came in about an assault that turned deadly. 23-year-old daniel jordan dewitt from alameda was arrested near the murder scene. police say he beat a man to death with a flower pot. dewitt was a star football player at alameda high. an
Feb 21, 2012 4:30am PST
things went wrong. he was at the john george psychiatric pavillion in in san leandro. he was supposed to be released to officers, instead the hospital let him go. that was sunday night. officers believe he took a cab in hayward at the union city border. they have looked for him, they've looked at his old homes, they've contacted old friends. they haven't been able to find him. you saw his picture he's 5'8, he should be easy to spot they believe he will have ban ages and sutures on his -- bandages and sutures on his neck. he was wanted for another domestic violence incident. police are concerned. they think this man is dangerous. they want him in custody. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> 4:32. dig dig -- digging will resume in a few hours at a second well. the surviving killer claims he and his accomplice buried victims in a third well. one thousand human bones from 30 victims from the killing spree in the 80s and 90s have already been recovered. a bounty hunter is paying $30,000 to death row inmate wesley shermantine to reveal the locations of his victims. sue kaiser of stockton is anxi
Feb 9, 2012 6:00pm PST
thanks to those guys, john, george and ringo. >> mccartney's star next to the other beatles in hollywood and vine. he has a new album out and will be honored tomorrow as the music cares person of the year, sunday he's going to perform at the grammy autos for all buzz from hollywood you can go to don't wait for oscar sunday, you can go there now to help predict winners of the academy wards. >> you can down load the app going to give you lividdo from the red carpet and back stage. check it out. >> coming up, tiger's return to pebble beach. >> is he in the hunt? larry beil sup next with all of the sortsx!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!xt >>> here is a look at top seven stories on our web site right now. you can stay connected on abc 7 and hope you can join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then, they call it lensanity. a star is taking the by area by storm. >> then at 11:00 the new bart extension that could cost more than p,000 -- $3,000 per inch. >> that is a lot. >> frightening statistic. >> turning to sports and at and t pebble beach pro am. >> yes. tiger back. >> yes. his first event o
Feb 21, 2012 5:00pm PST
to the john george psychiatric pavilion in san leandro mental facility. he was sent there after cutting his own throat and trying to set himself in the chest during a confrontation with police on saturday. the suspect was supposed to be turned over to police after being cleared but was inadvertently let go on sunday night. people who live near it a mental facility were upset to hear about the incident. >> the capt. for today's but he definitely needed more medical attention. even if they put him in jail, what would you do for them? he needs to be supervised. to put him out on the street and be a danger to our children and our families is ridiculous. >>pam: a spokesperson for the mental hospital will not answer questions about how the suspect failed to get into police custody say that they are prevented from commenting on the case because of patient confidentiality. >>pam: in san ramon, police arrested a man after he attacked his own mother with a baseball bat. last night police were called to a hold on to rental lane in san ramon because a woman was yelling for help. when they arrived they
Feb 22, 2012 4:00am PST
not considered life-threatening. after he was treated at a local hospital he was taken to the john george psychiatric pavilion for an evaluation. he was supposed to be released into police custody but instead was inadvertently released around 830 him. hernandez then set a taxicab that dropped him off to the union city order. you can see a squad car that neighbors say has been sitting in since his release. a spokesperson for the mental hospital would not answer questions about why the suspect was not >>james: we're back with more headlines than a minute. cost love affair with its want when like hot since the end in all legit if hopes this from of pan am >> back for the proposition 8 have after 11 member judge panel did we hear the case. it will take a majority of the call to agree. if they do, the hearing will take place. >> backers say there is no way this entire ninth circuit would sign off on a decision like this year. assists >>james: we will follow this with proposition 8, we will take a quick break and be right back. here is a live look at the golden gate. bear the heavy traffic on 1
Feb 10, 2012 4:30am EST
guys, john, george and rigno. >> reporter: his star alongside those of his old band mates. >>> he has ex-wife -- his ex- wife, heather mills testified in the ongoing media inquiry in britain. she said the only way piers morgan could have heard her phone calls was through a private hacking. >> did you authorize mr. morgan? >> never ever. >> reporter: he listened to a message but won't say how he got it. he denies ordering any phone hacking. >>> actress naomi watts is set to play the late princess diana. it will be called "caught in flight" and focus on the last years of her life. filming begins later this year. >>> rehearsals for the grammy's are underway in the staples center in los angeles. cbs cameras were there as the beach boys recreanted for the first time in more than two decades with band mate brian wilson. he'll perform with foster the people and adam levine. they air this sunday on cbs. that's your eye on entertainment. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >> be there. sunday. cbs. thank you for being here -- thank you for being here and watching us on 9news now at 5:00 a.m.
Feb 3, 2012 2:00am PST
, including at the london olympics involving john and george's children, ringo said "it will never happen." >>> one report says beyonce hired six nannies to care for her daughter, around the clock. that is one daughter. another says simon cowell offered half half a billion dollars to judge --. >> the b word? >> on the x factor. >> have you seen it? >> i did. >> it's over five years. >> $100 million a year? >> a lot of other people are reporting it. but yeah. >> like bill gates throwing in a super pac money? >> will she be printing money on the set? that is the only way i could justify it. i'm lynn berry, this is "first look" "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. >>> a washington post piece by david ignatius suggests israel may be ready to go it alone this spring in an attack on iran's nuclear facilities. the question is what would the united states do if israel strikes first? >>> mitt romney wiggles out of a comment about the very poor, taking a break to accept the endorsement of donald trump inside trump hotel in las vegas. how badly damage will his candy da see by a line h
Feb 21, 2012 5:00am PST
and dropped him off the john george psychiatric pavillion in san leandro for a psychiatric evaluation that's where they wanted him to go first then jail. police found him at his ex-girlfriend's house where we had broken a window. when officers arrived they say he stabbed himself. they took him to the hospital. the hospital let him go sunday night. supposed to release him back to police. he is on the loose. they know he took a cab to the hayward union city border they haven't seen him. they say the 5'8 man should have on bandages and sutures on his neck that something something to look for, distinguishing factor. they say he has been free since sunday night. they've had no sight of him, they checked his old residences, no sign of him. they are concerned, especially since they say he was wanted before saturday night's incident for a prior domestic violence case. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> there has been a significant new twist in the grim search for victims of the so-called speed freak killers. one told investigators last night there's a third well where a victim was dumped. more than 1,
Feb 21, 2012 4:00pm PST
bandages so he arrested them. this was a big embarrassment for the john george psychiatric hospital, a part of the alameda county medical system. >> you know it's a big mistake. you know? they should have never, you know, should have kept an eye on him. >> the hospital apparently did not keep an eye on jose hernandez. on sunday, the 32-year-old domestic violence suspect should have been turned over to police. and he released him. he was brought here saturday police say he tried to kim himself outside of his former girlfriend's apartment. he was wanted in connection with a previous domestic violence incident involving the same woman. police say on saturday night, he broke the window of her apartment when she refused to let him in. this neighbor who did not want to be identifieno
Feb 21, 2012 9:00pm PST
girlfriend's house where hernandez cut his throat and chest with a kitchen knife. he was taken to john george psychiatric hospital where he was released sunday night instead of being taken to jail. by mistake. police saw him driving around the hayward union city area this afternoon and rearrested him without incident. >>> hundreds of people turned up today to weigh in on a plan to build a huge new church in their neighborhood. it would be located just outside walnut creek. the battle has been going on for years but is now coming to a head. here's laura anthony. >> off problem here. you have a big messy problem here. >>reporter: one by one resident in walnut creek neighborhood stood up to voice their concern. about a plan about the church to build a 6 66,000 square foot sanctuary near this nothing to do with religion but bad land use. everything is going in their direction. what about the people take actually live there. >>reporter: what about it's too big for the neighbor. >> it has compare the size of what will be actually seen it is actually smaller than an adjacent building
Feb 10, 2012 5:00am EST
to say thanks to those guys john, george and ringo. >> reporter: his star is right alongside those of his old band mates. >>> mccartney's ex-wife, heather mills testified in britain's ongoing media ethics inquiry. she said the only way piers morgan could have heard her private voice mail was through illegal phone hacking. >> did you authorize mr. morgan to listen to your voice mails? >> every ever. >> reporter: piers morgan admits he listened to a message from mccartney to mills but won't say how he got it. he denies ordering any phone hacking. >>> actress naomi watts is set to play the late princess diana. it will focus on the last years of diana's life. >>> rehearsals for the grammy's are underway in the staples center in los angeles. cbs cameras were this at the beach boys reunited for the first time in more than two decades with brian wilson. he'll perform with foster the people and adam levine. they air live this sunday on cbs and that's your eye on entertainment. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >>> we'll be watching that and we thank you for watching us on 9news now at 6:00 a.m
Feb 19, 2012 9:00am PST
connolly gets them to handicap the likely choices. >> one week before oscar night, george and john. some say the best actor race has been tightening up. flip-flop runner and in deep crisis, perhaps facing a serious challenge from john. very funny and very quiet. in the art. >> french actor, he has been winning a lot of awards. i think that is biggest. >> he is extremely well-liked and that can matter. >> meryle in peril. in the iron lady she may get a streak of on broke en treems. harvey weinstein beats the drum on her behalf. la davis is the choice for "the help." >> and gallantly stepping in after host eddie murphy untimed departure. billy crystal has been keeping his plans on the download so far. he is working with uggy has been a curse. what billy does unleash is likely to be memorable. >> i'm back. >> silent but deadly, artist a clear favorite. hollywood has moved on to the bigger question. >> blockbuster and mega bang, bang, what does a silent movie victory say. >> at that time when they are being bombarded by technology, this reminds the world. >> carolyn: and so the academy award
Feb 21, 2012 5:00am PST
was taken to john george psychiatric pavilion in san leandro over the weekend for evaluation. he tried to kill himself by slashing his throat an stabbing himself in front of police. he was stalking his ex- girlfriend and confronted by police at her residence. he was taken to the hospital for his injuries then transferred to the psychiatric clinic for evaluation and was supposed to be returned to police custody but the clinic accidentally released him. he was last seen taking a cab at whipple road and medallion avenue going to union city. call police if you have seen him. back to you guys. >> gil, it seems unbelievable that someone who is considered so dangerous could accidentally be let go. was it paperwork, human error, what happened? >> reporter: we were trying to figure out what happened but obviously, there was a breakdown in communications between the psychiatric clinic and police. we don't know yet how this happened. we're not sure if this is a rare occurrence. but would you think that if someone is treated into a psychiatric clinic, that there's instructions of what to do with t
Feb 9, 2012 4:00pm EST
that put over john z. lee, john j. pop, george levi russell and christine gearhard baker. i will have them on the agenda next week because at least a couple of these judges reflect additional emergencies and we have been asked by everyone in the chief justice of the united states on -- as back on 1945 bill to televise the supreme court proceedings, sponsored by senators derbin, and schumer. i will vote for it, senator derbin. >> thank you, mr. chairman, let me say at the outset that putting over the judicial nominees is pro forma and i had vise the committee that all the nominees are important in illinois, the two are go going to fill vacancies in some portions of the state. and i also note that the nominee john thorpe is senator kirk's judicial nominee, he and i worked closely to -- i hope that the next time we meet, maybe as soon as next week, we can send our colleague who is recovering, the good news that our nominees are moving forward. but the matter at hand is legislation as of 1945 to permit the televising of
Feb 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
seeking raynard cook. police say this suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> the former prince georges county executive convicted of corruption is beginning his prison term. scheduled to report to prison today. he was sentenced to more than seven years for taking thousands of dollars in bribes and gifts from developers. he worked government deals in a developer's favor. johnson's wife was sentenced to one year and one day for obstructing the investigation. ♪ good-bye, please don't cry >> an emotional funeral today for whitney houston at the new jersey church where the singer got her start. her own hit, i will always love you, played as the pallbearers carried her casket out of the sanctuary. >> it's hard to believe. it was a stirring end for a service that ran four hours. fox 5 has more tonight. >> at her home church in her hometown, they turned out to say farewell to a music legend. >> god is in heaven and with him is one of our angels. whitney houston. >> some of the biggest names in the music industry were there to honor her from stevie w
Feb 25, 2012 2:30pm EST
. >> john mountcastle's nomination once again was george b. mcclellan. he's the fourth out of five historians who will nominate person of the year 1862 here at the library of virginia in richmond, and we will go back in just a moment to hear from emery thomas, professor of history emeritus from the university of georgia. the nominees are frederick douglass, stonewall jackson, admiral david farragut and george mcclellan. you're watching live all-day coverage on "american history tv" on c-span3.
Feb 17, 2012 12:00pm EST
. the cause of the fire is still not known. reporting live in prince george's county, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> on the beltway after a fatal crash overnight on the inner loop near connecticut avenue in chevy chase before 3:00 this morning. a tractor-trailer and a car collided causing the car to catch on fire. one person was killed. if the inner loop shutting down for about six hours throughout the morning commute while police investigated. >> a developing story. residents on alert in downtown d.c. police tried to crack down on armed robberies. best getting at least 20 robberies this week alone. the latest two happened within minutes of the serveach other and last night on 21st and l. brianne carter has more. >> across the district, police are stepping up patrols after a recent rash of armed robberies. >> its crazy, kind of scary. i will be more aware and careful. >> the latest was an attempted robbery early this morning along a popular walking corridor of near 21st street and l northwest. an hour later another robbery on the 1500 block of massachusetts avenue northwest. armed robbers
FOX News
Feb 25, 2012 11:30am PST
with this moderator, george stephanopoulos, john king, whoever and gets big applause from the republican audience. >> jon: ellen, we're at a time period in this country. tremendous unemployment and soaring deficits and yet most the questions in that debate were designed to elicit, you know, g.o.p. infighting that had nothing to do with the president and the problems facing the country. >> i'm not sure they should have to do with the president, but they should have to do with the problems facing the country. and i do agree the debates have become a reality show. they've become something that they have this sort of following, i think they had 4.3 million people watching the debate this week in arizona and it's become its own sort of show. but i think that it is time, probably, to quit the debates and really get to issues. >> jon: judy, are you agreeing that 20 debates is enough? >> well, no, i still say, i know we're talking about mud wrestling here and people like to talk about that, too, if people find these debates illuminating, if they learn something about the character be and views of the c
Feb 10, 2012 7:00am PST
three boys. so i want to say thanks to those guys, john, george, ringo. >> reporter: isn't it nice to hear him say these three boys? i love that. for the record, sir paul has won 14 grammys. i say to you, charlie and erica, who didn't have a paul mccartney poster in their bedroom? i plead guilty. i plead guilty. charlie, you must have interviewed him before. you must have. >> i have many times. and i also seeing him makes me long also for john lennon. it was the combination of these two that made the beetles so extraordinary. >> it's so nice. go ahead, erica. incredible, too, is how that - music has endured. my kids are 5 and 2. my 5-year-old loves to listen to the beetles. what a beautiful testament to them, the four boys at that point, and what they made and for many people, the best part of going to the spa is the massage. there could be medical benefits as well. reducing inflammation. that's next in "healthwatch." you're watching "cbs this morning." people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged
Feb 10, 2012 7:00am EST
guys, john, george and ringo. >> isn't it nice to hear him say these three boys. i love that. for the record, sir paul has won 14 grammys and i say to you, charlie and erica, who didn't have a paul mccartney poster in their bedroom? i plead guilty. charlie, you must have interviewed him before. >> i have many times. i also seeing him makes me long also for john lennon. it was the combination of these two that made the beatles so extraordinary. >> it's incredible. >> it's so nice. go ahead, erica. >> i was going to say what's incredible is how that music endured. my kids are five and two. and my five-year-old loves to listen to the beatles. what a beautiful testament to the four boys at that point and what they made and continue to bring us. >> also, gayle, it's testament to the fact for men who have 70 the life is just beginning. >> yes. you would know something about that, charlie rose. someone else is 70 and look really good. it's great. >> do you have any advice for sir paul? >> keep it up. >> keep doing what you're doing. i'll see you guys again at 8:00. >> looking forwar
Feb 28, 2012 3:00pm PST
candidate than george w. bush. and john mccain killed george bush among the independents and democrats in voting in 2000, even though george bush won by about a 2-to-1 margin over john mccain among republicans. so the overall result, mccain won michigan. i think santorum would like to see that happen again today. the only difference is really when you stop and think about it philosophically there's no reason democrats would really be attracted to rick santorum. >> ifill: how much has mitt romney staked on this win in michigan, his native state and how much hassan tore up spent relatively in terms of time and treasure? >> it looks like romney has outspent santorum about 2-to-1. that sounds like a lot. but guess what. it's not as much as 10-to-1 and 20-to-1 which is about the margin in spending superiority romney had over santorum in all these previous states. santorum kept himself in the race by being able to spend enough to make himself competitive. and then he's relying on the tea partys and the ground game he's mustered to try and put it altogether in one big package today and win th
Feb 6, 2012 5:30pm PST
battles, whether obama or john mccain or john kerry or george w. bush. these are bad numbers for romney. >> some cautionary numbers out there tonight. thank you, jake, good to have you up here. >> good to be here. >>> still ahead on "world news," nerves of steel. eli manning's game of a lifetime can teach everyone about winning in your life. >>> and we have secrets from behind the scenes of madonna's big halftime show, dancing at 53. 53. "hey" yourself. brad needs car insurance, but, uh, brad doesn't want to spend too much. who's brad? this is brad. ahh! well, progressive has lots of discounts for a guy like brad. brad's intrigued. paid in full, safe driver, multi-car, going paperless -- all can help brad save a bunch. sign brad up. cool! jamie will ring you up. show brad the way. who's brad? oh, here we go again. discounts that everyone can use. now, that's progressive. call or click today. what if the first step on that road is a bowl of soup? delicious campbell's soups fill you with vegetable nutrition, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's -- it'
Feb 18, 2012 5:30pm PST
in washington, thanks to you. meantime tomorrow on "this week" with george, john mccain and robert gibbs. that's tomorrow morning here. >>> meantime in washington. a bail hearing is set for next week after that suspect was arrested in an fbi terrorist sting accused of blowing up the u.s. capitol by detonating what he thought was a suicide vest. the native of morocco living illegally in northern virginia. allegedly thought he was working with al qaeda but instead it was the fbi. we turn overseas, where fire and screams fill the capital of syria where heavily armed troops open fire on mourners at a funeral. it's the latest brutal assault on civilians. alex marquardt reports from the syrian border where the sounds captured today tell the story. >> reporter: as the snow fell in damascus today, huge crowds of mourners marched to within two miles of the presidential palace, their grief turning to anger. and then, gunfire from security forces. protesters scrambled for cover. in the central city of homs, residents say tank shells are raining down on them. the two-week barrage already blamed for hundre
Feb 7, 2012 6:30pm EST
george w. bush. >> the comments of congressman john dingell, democrat of michigan, again as you know, last month in the obama administration rejecting a permit for that transcanada xl keystone pipeline, the president claiming that a february 21st deadline of republicans demanding approval of this measure left inadequate time for a complete review citing some environmental concerns especially in nebraska. the administration did invite transcanada to reapply but moved today from the senate energy and commerce committee saying they want to take it away from the president and grant an probable for the keystone xl pipeline. on the specific issue as raised by congressman john dingell, the amendment that would use the same process as former president good morning w. bush, it was an amendment which failed but literary, republican from nebraska, weighing in on this. >> i appreciate where the gentleman from michigan is coming from on the basis of this amendment. but the reality is this is an extraordinary situation because we have a presidenting that chose to deny this many permit. putting us
Feb 26, 2012 9:00am EST
on our roundtable. joined as always with george will, jennifer granholm. and john engler and cokie roberts. george, two weeks now, all focused on the state of michigan, i showed rick santorum those polls, he came with a real head of steam and ran into the romney steam roller. >> well, romney, however, is in the unevable position he won because it's his home state. but, if he loses it, it's a terrible thing. what should be alarming to republicans is the collateral damage of this campaign so far, there's a poll out called the purple poll of 12 swing states, neither blue, neither red, and in those 12 states, his unfavorables are 57% and his favorable rating is 27%. >> romney? >> yes. he's being damaged by the damage he's doing to others. >> and by the -- it's not just -- he just didn't run into the romney steam roller, he ran into rick santorum's own words. as we saw on the program earlier today, it doesn't work. you talk about people not going to college. it doesn't work to say, church and state shouldn't be separate in america and that's not where the voters are. he's saying things
Feb 21, 2012 6:00am PST
numbers that he beat george w. bush. but john mccain was a more moderate candidate than george w. bush. the candidates against romney are not more moderate. he's the moderate. they are more conservative. so the motivation cannot be because they find somebody less objectionable than ploms. these three candidates are all going to be more obsable to most democrats and independents. among republicans, chuck, there's not going to be a difference of opinion on the auto bailout. all three opponents of mitt romney and the republican primary basically take the position that he does. >> there you go. bill, long time analyst, publisher and editor of inside michigan politics. glad to see you're on twitter. i'll make sure people are following you. this is a crucial week. thank you, bill. >> thank you, chuck. >> our political panel is here next. we have a new ad to show you. the ron paul, mitt romney bromance continues even on a negative level. in honor of mardi gras. chicken and sausage gum bow. wheeeeeeeeeeeee! whee! whee! wheeeeeeeee! ah heads up. wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico,
Feb 27, 2012 7:00pm PST
mischief in the republican primary. and the key thing about that 2000 race between george w. bush and john mccain, john mccain -- sorry, george bush won two-thirds of the republican vote in 2000. but john mccain won a majority of the independents and democrats who voted, and those two groups comprised 51% of the total number of folks who voted. so that robo call by rick santorum is i think very, very smart on his part. in that poll you showed at the top of the program showing santorum and romney basically in a statistical tie with a plus or minus 4 percentage margin of error, those kinds of calls and that push by santorum to get democrats to go out and vote for him tomorrow, very well could be the thing that pushes him over the top. >> quickly, you reporters are out there in the field covering these candidates. is there now a presumption when romney reminisces he's actually just making something up? last time around he recommended about his father marching with martin luther king, there's no evidence for that. now reminiscing about this great historic moment when he was 4 years old in the
Feb 23, 2012 12:00am PST
george smiley. john le carre on this program at this table. smiley is you? >> i'm still very shy. that's the truth. it's not a false shyness. i'm awkward. i never feel i buy the right clothes. i... i find life embarrassing in many ways and smiley does, too. i think i'm better at work than at living which is smiley's situation. >> rose: well said. >> and i... i think seeing a lot is very painful and that was smiley's misfortune. >> rose: in his own eyes and in world. >> and in the world he did. >> rose: his wife's infidelity and all of that. >> that's right. but also in the examination of other people. he had a trained observer's mind and information about people seemed to come naturally to him. >> rose: interesting. >> mmm. very. >> rose: does any of that surprise you? >> no. you get the feeling when you're with him that... >> rose: you see smile glee >> yeah. i mean when i first started to work on the... like i said on the voice, it's actually matched. it's sort of... you know he's a little... obviously he's a little fussier and he's got that sort of... you know, and then you just...
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